Setting Up Courses

You can setup Scorm Courses in 3 ways

Method 1 – Adding courses in posts or pages

  • Navigate posts or pages backend where you like to have that course.
  • In the WordPress text editor you can find the Scorm Cloud to add courses.
  • Clicking that tool will open a popup showing the list of courses you have created. Once you have choose the course from that dropdown, you will have additional option to configure course title and course description. Also you can choose whether users must be authenticated users or not.
Method 2 – Assign course manually to user
  • You can also manually assign course to users using scorm cloud options.
  • Navigate to Dashboard -> SCORM Cloud -> Training.
  • Select course from dropdown to which you have to assign users. Choose any number of users or any user roles
  • Also you will have option to send invitation mail to those users.
  • Now click the Create Training button
  • Refer the screenshot attached below.
Method 3 – By creating public or private invitations
  • To create create public or private invitations for courses, login to your Scorm cloud
  • Now navigate to Library and click the course you want to generate invitation.
  • In the detail section you will have tab named Invitations for this Course open that tab.
  • If you haven’t created invitation for that course, you can find Click here to create one link within that tab, click it.
  • Now popup will be generated prompting you to choose Public Invitation or Private Invitation. Choose which ever is necessary and click Create Invitation
  • Private Invitation – Mail will be sent to those users you have selected, with the link to take that course.
  • Public Invitation – Public URL will generated, you can handover that link to anyone to that course.